Partner Companies

Alta Group AG: Christoph Widmer is the founder and partner of Alta Group AG, which has its offices in the Fineac main building at Poststrasse 30 in Zug. Since 1998, the company has been supporting and assisting national and international clients in: Corporate Finance, acquisition and sale of companies and participations, succession planning as well as sparring partner for boards of directors, company owners and managing directors.


Burch & Partner Consulting GmbH: Rudolf Burch is the managing director of Burch & Partner Consulting GmbH. The company has been supporting national and international clients since 2000 in auditing and fiduciary services.


Tax Team AG is an owner-managed company specialized in national and international tax consulting. The three partners, Branko Balaban, Markus Metzger and Hans-Peter Mark are long-time tax experts and focus their tax consulting services on their clients. Tax Team AG has been in the top ranks of the most popular tax consulting companies for years.