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Foundation Licht für vergessene Kinder- The school in Uganda is open!

Two of our employees were there when the new school in Uganda was opened.


It is part of our corporate culture to take social responsibility. For more than 20 years, we have been supporting the Zug Foundation Licht für vergessene Kinder ( by preparing the annual accounts free of charge, by having one of our employees work on the foundation board free of charge and by making what is probably the most classic form of social commitment, i.e. monetary donations. The foundation convinces us because 100% of all donations flow into the projects and all foundation board work is unpaid.


Among other projects, the foundation runs an orphanage in the Ugandan village of Chopelwor. The newly built secondary school was opened at the end of November 2023, which is a huge step forward for the entire region.


Chopelwor is a small village in western Uganda. Around 1,500 people live in the village, 700 of whom are children. Around 80% of these families live from their own agriculture. The villagers are therefore dependent on good environmental conditions, but the adjacent national park is a major challenge. Elephants, monkeys, wild boars and other small animals regularly invade their fields and cause serious damage to the crops. These circumstances not only result in an often-precarious food situation, but also a miserable economic situation for the inhabitants.


If families cannot afford to pay school fees, children are not sent to school. Many young adults have attended school for less than four years and therefore have few prospects for the future. People lack financial resources as well as opportunities to further their education and free themselves from poverty. The new school gives more than 150 children access to education after elementary school. The previous secondary school was over 30 km away and therefore almost inaccessible for the children, almost all of whom are on foot. This school brings added value and a better future for the whole region.


Two of our employees attended the opening of the school and were also able to experience everyday life at the children's home (film). The joy of life and gratitude of the Ugandans were impressive. We are delighted to know that our donations are in such good hands!


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Kathrin Kühn, 4 December 2023