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Canton Zug to enable payment of taxes with cryptocurrencies as of 2021

As the first canton in Switzerland, Zug is once again taking a pioneering role.


In cooperation with Bitcoin Suisse the Canton of Zug, will enable tax burdens of individuals as well as legal entities to be paid with cryptocurrencies. The cantonal tax administration will accept payment only with Bitcoin and Ether for the time being as of February 2021. The amount is limited to the equivalent of CHF 100’000 and can not be used as partial payment alongside Swiss Francs.


With the issuance of the provisional invoices for the 2020 direct federal tax, there is now the first opportunity to make use of this option. If you wish to pay your taxes using cryptocurrency, you must contact the tax administration, which will send you the corresponding QR code for the payment. Therefore use this link.


For any further questions or advice please contact Remo Merz, certified Swiss tax expert,


Remo Merz, 8 March 2021


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