Sevices Payroll Administration with Fineac Treuhand

Fineac Treuhand provides advice and support to national and international companies of all sizes and in all matters relating to payroll administration.


Each employer in Switzerland is required to ensure that statutory requirements are met in the processing of wage and fees payments. This requires broad familiarity with the applicable requirements in areas such as social security  and personnel insurance, income tax, labor law, data protection and other matters. In addition, discretion and a proper substitution arrangement must be ensured at all times when handling payroll. 


The experienced specialists at Fineac Treuhand will help you perform these challenging tasks as an employer.



Our services in the field of payroll administration includes the following:


  • wage accounting (full or partial outsourcing of wage accounting)
  • advice on questions relating to social security, personnel insurance, source tax, etc.
  • registration and deregistration with all authorities, as well as with pension institutions and insurance companies
  • payment of contributions to all authorities and insurance companies
  • payment of source tax to the tax offices of the various cantons
  • payroll administration for domestic and foreign employees
  • creating accounting vouchers
  • complete payroll administration


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